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Things people ask me... a lot.

Thought I'd make an attempt at answering some of the most commonly asked questions since i've made this little trip public.  If you still don't see an answer - shoot me a note.  Hell, shoot me a note anyway.  I'm going to need to talk to folks!

Why are you doing this?
That's the big question, right?  It's a combination of things, too many to succinctly list out here. I'm not even sure I could summarize it properly if I wanted to. Hopefully, over the next few months, I'll be able to articulate it more clearly. 

Where are you going?
The primary goal is to hit all seven continents.  It may be a little sappy, but I'd like to say I've set foot on all of them.  The next objective is to see the majority of the "wonders of the world".  There's no official agreed upon list, but I've got several areas I'll hit for sure, including The Pyramids, Kilimanjaro, the Great Wall, the Taj Mahal, etc.

I´ve just posted a loose itinerary - take a look if you´d like some more detail.

How tall are you?
I'm 6'9".  6'10" on a good day. Needless to say, this elicits some pretty interesting looks and comments from folks both at home and abroad.

Did you play basketball?
I did indeed.  I feel sorry for anyone over 6-4 who didn't, as the questioning is relentless. Is the same question asked of shorter people with the expectation of them being a horse jockey? 

I played high school basketball in Neosho, Missouri.  I also was fortunate enough to play college ball at Missouri Southern State University in Joplin, Missouri. 

Can you dunk?
Yes.  Even if i couldn't, at 6´9", I would say yes.

How long are your pants? (i.e. What's your inseam)?
Approximately 40, though a 38 will work most of the time.

How big are your feet?
Size 16 US.  And yes, shoes are hard to find.

Is it true what they say about guys with big feet?
Yes...  They wear big shoes.

Are your parents tall?
Kind of.  My mom is about 6' even, and my dad is about 6'1".  We're still not sure where I got my height.  There's really no one on either side of the family over 6'3".  Tall milk man?

How long will you be gone?
I don't really know.  The logical timeframe seems to be about 12 months.  It seems that would allow enough time to actually see some things in the countries i'm visiting, and make it possible to experience a set of the four seasons (more or less) throughout the trip. However, the true answer is: I don't know.  It could be 8 months.  It could be 18.  It depends primarily on 1) how long I can stay out here on the road mentally, and 2) how long the money lasts.  There are of course other factors, but even those will be tempered by the first two.

When did you first start traveling?
Really, not until college. My first trip outside of the lower 48 was in 1995 on a trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico for a college basketball tournament.  My first "real" international trip was the summer of 1998. I went on a Rotaract business trip with a group from college to London, Paris and Geneva.

How much does it cost to do this?
A good bit, but less than you'd think.  It's all about how you want to live, and what you're willing to put up with.  The world can be a pretty cheap place if you are willing to throw out some of the American "necessities" we think we can't live without.

Did you really quit your job, or just take a leave of absence?
Oh, I quit.  I looked into a leave of absence, but found them to be too short for what I was trying to do.  Also, i think it's fair to say my experience would be different knowing i had the exact same job at the exact same company when I got back.

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